Freedom of Assembly… and Justice for David group

Dejan Lučka | O društvenim i pravnim temama

The „Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Assembly in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2018 and 2019 Through the Case of the `Justice for David` Group“ contains a brief analysis of certain human rights standards in the domain of the right to freedom of expression and freedom of assembly, relating to the case of the assembly of the „Justice for David“ group, which gathered in connection with the murder of David Dragičević.

David Dragičević, a student from Banja Luka, was found dead on 24 March 2018, after six days of search and his death, according to a version presented by the state authorities, occurred under still unclear circumstances. It has been concluded only that David was killed, and so the prosecution launched an investigation against several unidentified persons on suspicion that they had committed the murder of David Dragičević, but only after enormous public pressure. The first version of public authorities was that David committed suicide after theft. To this day, the institutions of the RS and B&H had not yet determined who killed David.

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