The Curious Case of the Missing De Facto

Dejan Lučka | O društvenim i pravnim temama

The Curious Case of the Missing De Facto - Dejan Lučka

The Curious Case of the Missing De Facto – Analysis of the Rights, Social and Political Standing of Persons with Disabilities in Politics and Within Political Parties in the Western Balkan Region is an analysis of certain standards in the work of political parties concerning the rights of persons with disabilities (PwD). The aim of this research is to research policies of political parties around the inclusion of PwDs in the Western Balkan region.

The research analysed the constitutions, laws and by-laws of the Western Balkan countries, international standards in the field of the rights of PwDs set by documents of the United Nations, the Council of Europe, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, European Union, etc., legal and political acts of political parties, the behaviour of political parties regarding the issues related to PwDs, statistics related to PwDs, errors that occur in the position of states and political parties toward PwDs, and the general relationship that WB societies have with PwDs.

The Analysis defines the rights of PwDs, the basic problems of PwDs, the ways they participate in politics, party activities, as well as the methods for solving problems and laying the groundwork for the future improvement of the position of PwDs in the WB. The Analysis also provides recommendations on how to improve the relationship with PwDs, while respecting international human rights standards and the rights of PwDs.

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